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Welcome To Our Blog. Please respect this blog as you respect The Wannababes. The Wannababes is a popular group that is in 7 people. They're rich people and they concerned with style. Make sure you follow all the rules. Ok, were not gonna tell anything about us! That's personal. Nahh. We just gonna tell you a bit about us. Those need-to-know. Maybe we just gonna telling you about this mindless craps, but, you not gonna reading the WHOLE THING right? Maybe we'll be overboard with this telling thing. Gahh, Whatever!

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>> Fasha The Wannababes
>> Shasha The Wannababes
>> Fazura The Wannababes
>> Sazzy The Wannababes
>> Diana The Wannababes
>> Nana The Wannababes
>> Linda The Wannababes

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